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Monday, July 13, 2009

Hey, John Thune, Steph, what's up?

My friend Sam Hurst notes:

"Direct action" has a natural appeal to young people, and we [in South Dakota] drive young people away. For all the problems the SD Democratic Party faces, first is the fact that progressive thinking, idealistic young people leave. It's curious that Thune and Herseth-Sandlin are outdoing each other to wag their fingers at the Greenpeace activists, but neither has any interest in saying anything about global warming."

I feel the Greenpeace action and other acts of civil disobedience should only take place when all other legal options have been proven ineffective. Are we there yet, John? Stephanie?


Anonymous said...

Our young Stephanie has "consumed the coolaid" when it comes to the global warming hoax. Her last response to me about the Cap & Trade bill expressed her desire to "control global warming".
So, either she is stupid or she thinks I am.

Bill Fleming said...

I'm not ready to say either of you are stupid, p3bfco
(is that like a cousin to c3po and r2d2?)

But why do you say global warming is a hoax?