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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gordon Howie Part 2

For pix and kickoff questions click here.

Good first session on the Forum, all things considered,
don't you think Gordon?

I trust you felt comfortable enough?

My next questions for you are pretty simple really.

You indicated that there is much more to discuss.
And you seem to be eager to get to it, judging from the way
you've pretty summarily dismissed the questions our
readers posed you on our first go round.

So, besides cutting expenses, school vouchers,
lowering property taxes...oh and maybe seceding
from the Union (just kidding), what are your other issues?

And what has to happen in order for you to decide
whether you're running or not running for Governor?

Gordon Howie:
Thanks again for the opportunity to discuss the issues, Bill. I like the format that allows me to make a statement before I refuse to answer questions!!

I have been working with other Legislators on a bill which will be presented in the next session that confronts the issue of States rights. The net effect of this bill would be that any firearm or ammunition manufactured and used within the State would be exempt from Federal regulations. I am interested to see how that principle might apply to things like drilling for oil, building oil refineries, etc. We not only need to hold the line on Federal encroachment into the rights reserved to the Sates, we need to be aggressive and reverse the trend we have seen over the last decade or more.

The rights of unborn children and the right of mothers to have complete and accurate information when considering the termination of a pregnancy are two issues that require leadership with conviction. During the last session I brought a bill which would have required the abortionist to offer the mother an opportunity for consultation one day prior to an abortion. This bill DID NOT require the mother to do anything, it did, however require the abortionist to afford her an opportunity if she chose to take it. Regardless of your position on abortion, it seems that we should all be able to agree that it is not good medical practice to deny a patient the opportunity to get good information prior to a surgery. This issue is not just going to "go away". We need to continue compassionate efforts to protect the rights of women and children.

As to running for Governor, at this moment I can say that I am watching and listening. I really don't have a personal need to be called Governor. I do have a concern that our next leader is someone who will take us in the right direction. We don't need an "Obama McCain or Bush" experience in South Dakota for the next four years. We need a back- to-basics, Republican core-values, fiscally responsible leader. Our next Governor must be someone who is willing to look the Obama administration in the eye and not blink. My experience with patriotic South Dakotans in the tea party movement convinces me that people are waiting, hoping and praying for that kind of leadership in this State.


caheidelberger said...

...and my experience with patriotic South Dakotans outside the Tea Party movement convinces me that Howie will lose to candidates who have practical ideas for governance.

Taunia Adams said...

Did you like any of his ideas?

What would you suggest he tweak?

Michael Sanborn said...


I believe voters in South Dakota have had their fill of discussions about the unborn that will surely land our essentially broke state in a U.S. Supreme Court challenge we cannot win.

It's difficult for me to understand how we don't want interference in our health care and that we don't want to inject the state or government in general into a relationship between a doctor and patient when we're talking about government provided health care but that it is acceptable when it involves this particular issue.

I've said my peace on this issue here before and don't intend to repeat myself. But, I will tell you that many many Republicans in this state sincerely wish government would tend to revenue and expenses and stay out of reproductive freedom and who marries whom.

Lisa said...

Okay, I'll bite. I have a question regarding school vouchers. I homeschool my kids. I do feel that South Dakota works well with homeschoolers, however there are some issues that come up from time to time that have me puzzled. For instance, if a high school student wants to take a college level class at WDTI for example, they are allowed to take the class free of charge. However if a homeschooled high-schooler wants to enroll in the same class, they are charged tuition. Can you explain why the disparity? Would vouchers help level the playing field for homeschoolers or Parochial educated children as well? In this case, we are in essence taxed twice: our property taxes as well as having to pay out of pocket for our children's education. In my case, I am homeschooling for a logistical reason (as well as some others): school for us requires a lengthy four-times a day commute which would take two hours out of my day to get my kids to school. How would vouchers address families like mine?

Gordon Howie said...

Lisa, situations like yours are one of the many reasons vouchers make sense. I think homeschoolers should be entitled to use a voucher to help with expenses. You have it exactly right when you say that you have to pay twice. Homeschoolers are not 2nd class citizens (or educators, for that matter). I can't explain the reasoning that allows for inequities that exist in our system. Just one more reason to insist this issue is a topic of discussion for those who run for office. Our system needs to be fair and provide parents with choices.

Bob Newland said...

Senator Howie, i've had my hand up for a day and a half now.

Who owns me?