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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Goodbye, Michael. (...not you, Sanborn, the other famous Michael).

By Bill Fleming

Say what you will, Michael Jackson
was an artist of the first order
who left us with works of immense
beauty and passion.

Feeling – captured in form.

Like this with Quincy, Stevie
and everyone else on the planet:

Each of us suffers his/her own private hell
from time to time, and it seems Michael
fared no better and no worse than any
of us that regard.

And so, I hope he finds the rest
of his answers now.

And does some real,
no bull*hit moon walking.

Good night little brother.

I'll miss you.

And thank you, Michael.

Really. Thank you.


1 comment:

Michael Sanborn said...

If art was only the playground of what most folks call normal, there wouldn't be much art. And most of it would be boring.

I believe Michael Jackson was a pedophile. I also believe he was a genius.

Had he not been able to buy off the first "victim" and had not been acquitted in the second complaint, he might be in jail today, instead of the morgue.

He changed pop music for the good.