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Sunday, May 24, 2009

When Nuts have Nukes

Kim Jong-il, North Korea's leader, and one of the world's most dangerous men, detonated a nuclear weapon in an underground test on Sunday.

North Korea has for some time had nuclear capabilities. What they don't have is a successful delivery system. That their rockets don't fly straight should bring little comfort to anyone in the United States. Kim has made no secret of its intention to sell nuclear weapons to others who would like to deliver them to the U.S., Europe and Israel.

Kim is one crazy dude. He is commander of the fourth largest army in the world. And, by the way, he hates our guts. There has been so much confusion about his health and who would succeed him, that you really can't believe any country's intelligence about him. We're not even completely sure he's alive or has been alive since there have been unconfirmed reports of his death and multiple strokes since 2003.

President Obama has said he wishes to meet with those who are aggressive against the U.S. to try to settle differences through diplomacy. That this nuclear test occurred when the United States honors those who fight and die for our freedom is likely not a coincidence.

North Korea is detonating nuclear weapons, Mr. Obama. Better start talking.

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