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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Thomas Allen Heald

Writer Thomas Allen Heald died. He was 37. Thomas was an enthusiastic supporter of local music and a witty commentator from the political left.


Bob Newland said...

I am sorry to hear this. TAH was a friend of mine and a supporter of saner drug laws.

Michael Sanborn said...


Another death in a month of death. I'm weary of it. The Heald family shared a backyard fence at my previous house. I've known Thomas since he was an ornery tyke.

I will miss his writing, particularly on music.

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked and saddened! We were classmates. He was so young? What happened?

Androjenn said...

TAH contributed his writings to one of the Yahoo groups I'm in and we're all quite shocked at this turn of events; is there information on the cause of this?

He was just lamenting the loss of his old dog a month or so ago. I just can't believe this.

Beau said...

Tom was an active participant on the e-mail listserv related to the ABC overnight news program World News Now. WNN paid tribute this morning.

Jeremiah O'Neill said...

Tom was a good friend of mine, and we shared several acerbic conversations, online, as well as at the local starbucks. He died of a heart attack, I don't know if he had symtoms prior to that. He is missed.