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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Newland on the War College

This post has been removed. I said when I started this thing that I wasn't going to allow name-calling. I meant it.

Pat Powers took exception to my saying his blog was ultra-right. He says Sibby calls him a liberal RINO. (I've yet to see anything liberal about the War College, but I'm not Sibby.)

In the comments, Powers implied Newland was an inmate. Newland has not been convicted of anything and is not an inmate. Newland used the initials for an expletive insult to describe Powers.

Boys will be boys, I suppose. But not here. Newland's original message was written well, made a point and did so without a reduction to blatant or profane insult, which is why I posted it.

People wanting to read Newland's piece on the War College can do so here.

Guess I'll go back to moderating every post.



Bill Fleming said...

Dang. Looks like I missed the fireworks, huh?

Too busy fighting torture and card-check debate wars on the old SD blogs.

Is this an open structure where anyone can make a topic? I didn't realize that.

Michael Sanborn said...

It's not an open structure. But, I'm lookin at ways to do that.