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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Can this be the future of the GOP?

Steve Sibson is searching for the truth on his blog Sibby Online. He seems to think that he represents the core of the Republican Party. He represents the core of what is destroying it. And, that's the truth. His blog is here.

His most recent posts represent why the Republicans lost the election. Many Republicans, myself included, wish to no longer be associated with the RINO spitters (Republicans who spit "RINO" at every party member who disagrees with their radical views.)

Sibby tries to make it clear on his blog that Republicans who disagree with his radical religious views are Republican In Name Only. And when you read the actual content of his blog, (a difficult task since it is barely in English) it is easy to understand how reasonable Republicans don't wish to be painted with the same brush reasonable people use to paint folks like Sibby.

It is extremely difficult to embrace the ideas of an individual who presents those ideas with a healthy dose of venom and without benefit of a command of third grade grammar. It is little wonder to me why some people think Republicans are nothing but gun-totin' hillbillies who think The Flintstones was a documentary.


caheidelberger said...

The Republican party at its worst is worse than the Democratic Party at its worst.

Jackrabit1 said...

This is why I'm a Libertarian... both parties aren't worth a warm bucket of spit.

bill fleming said...

Looks like the halcyon days of Mr. Sibson are behind him.
But I’m not giving up hope.
He’s been known to transform himself.
And when you look into his eyes, you can see a jolly soul in there.
Maybe if he puts down his old worn out hard rock axe and gets into a little jazz and classical music, he can rise from the ashes of his idealistic, dead-end, bloghouse fire and get back on the path to being the enlightened old hippy he really wants to be.
Yes, you heard it here first, Sanborn. Deep down, Sibby is probably just a disgruntled old lefty who got his shorts in a bunch about the Monica Lewenski scandal and jumped ship. (…jealousy?)
Either that, or he’s some kind of Manchurian imbed into the GOP from certain dark forces on the left that I have yet, in my fledgling, amateurish political career to encounter. I shudder at the thought.
Disclaimer: I love to kid Sibby. But I do like him, and wish him well. That said, this whole post is mostly a big pile of BS — except for the “jolly soul” part — written mostly to get a few cheap laughs at Sibby’s expense.

Ghost Repeater said...

When knocking bloggers who embarrass South Dakota Republicans with their snide, poorly reasoned, poorly written, poorly spelled posts, let's not forget Pat "English as a second language." Powers.

caheidelberger said...

"poorly reasoned"? occasionally, though never so frequently as the subject of Mr. Sanborn's post.

"poorly written, poorly spelled"? Huh? I frequently disagree with Mr. Powers, but I (a former English teacher) find most of his writing straightforward and clear. As a fellow keyboard-banger, I recognize how sloppy we all can be about proofreading and have stopped making a big fuss over such issues online. If SD Republicans are embarrassed by Mr. Powers, it is probably more because he tells us a relatively straight story, something Republicans have gotten worse at during the Rounds administration.

caheidelberger said...

And Jackrabit1: our Dem spit is still better than GOP spit! :-)

Bob Newland said...

Pat Powers; "straightforward and clear." Yes. Straightforwardly without a guiding set of principles and clearly hypocritical.