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Monday, March 10, 2014

Legal cannabis or Inquisition? There's no middle ground.

Colorado has 5,268,367 people, South Dakota has 844,877 (2013 Census estimates). That's a 6:1 ratio; SoDak has 16% as many people as CO. I maintain that, in South Dakota, there is at least 10% of Colorado's cannabis sales potential for South Dakota coffers. That would be about $200 grand a month into the South Dakota tax handout system. It could be a significant addition.

How many dollars are extracted in the Inquisition that has SoDak Highway Patrolmen lying in wait on the borders for cars with Colorado or Washington plates, or any car that might be coming from Washington or Colorado?

The weight of the fines ("getting-caught taxes") opposed to the weight of the tax revenue potential; that's the observation South Dakota legislators will increasingly have to face. One by one, South Dakota legislators will announce, "I've always been in favor of industrial hemp." Or, "I've never thought people should have a criminal record just for using cannabis."

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