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Friday, April 4, 2014

Perfect job for a sociopath

Radley Balko wrote a blog entry for the Washington Post yesterday that you should read.

The Head Doorkicker of the DEA has always had to be either criminally stupid or criminally inclined to enforce the craziest and most counterproductive US Gummint policies that have ever existed in this country. This is maybe the best gummint job for a sociopath, amidst several choices.

Michelle Leonhart is Head Doorkicker now, having spent 33 years in a law enforcement agency that has utterly failed to control the arbitrarily-illegal industries over which it supposedly has jurisdiction. The DEA presents us body counts: "We have put more people in prison than anyone in history." The illegal industries present us with ever-cheaper psychotropic substances.

Only someone either criminally stupid or criminally sociopathic could oppose allowing sick, disabled and dying people the relief undeniably given them by cannabis, while warning that cannabis might kill your dog, basing her opinion on a newspaper piece that did not say that at all.

This from a woman whose agency, and nearly all "drug task forces," are notorious for killing dogs for no reason during executions of raids on suspected "drug" dealers or users. Balko's story ends with a list of incidents in which various SWAT teams egregiously shot pets, sometimes of people in whose house they found nothing incriminating.

And there's this video of a SWAT team executing dogs.

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