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Sunday, March 2, 2014

You've seen the brick wall...

On March 1, I posed the question to Rep. Hickey (R-Sioux Falls): "What is the downside of letting sick, disabled and dying people use an herb, the use of which has caused no death in known history, to palliate their suffering?"

Here are his responses:

"Bob - what question haven't I answered yet? That pot is an answer to prayer? I'm pretty sure God won't answer a prayer by telling us to break the law."

"Bob I've answered the question about the downside. Pot docs moving into SD and prescribing it for 18 year olds who fall off their skate board, law enforcement dealing with the drug lords and runners who are violent and could care less about sick people in pain, the pot of today is stronger and dosages aren't scientific or stable and safe. You've heard all this from me and others before and I know you have counter points. If it was only a matter of people in chronic pain getting it I'd think it would be legal. But it opens the door to so more. That's the downside and why it keeps getting voted down. Take heart though, the nation is moving toward lawlessness and everything will be legal soon everywhere. Obama probably still smokes pots. Why do you smoke it everyday? Pain? What are the stats on traffic fatalities in states where pot is legal? Do we know yet?"

"I'm trying to talk sense and gave you my best answer."

"I'd be happy if we let many of the people in jail for pot use and other nonviolent crimes out of jail. We need prison reform."

"Bob, you've seen the brick wall I hit when I bring big changes to Pierre to help struggling people out. Love Roger's comment on it being self serving. It dawned on me in 4 years now I've lived away from home and my wife a total of one year in Pierre. If this somehow helps me I've yet to see how."

My follow-up includes this observation: Rep. Hickey has placed his opinions and reasoning in the public swimming pool. I'd like to see the reasoning behind the opinions of all those legislators who have not joined the discussion who think pot smokers should be put in jail.

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