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Sunday, February 23, 2014

SoDak Dist. 30 has no representation

The following is not satire. Sadly.

I live in Legislative District 30 in South Dakota. National Forest, State Parks, National Parks, National Monuments, lots of ranchers and ex-Californians, and an apparently populous and politically active group of tree-ring deniers infected with snake-handler meanness.

That latter group is well-represented by District 30's state legislative cadre, Representatives Mike Verchio and Lance Russell and Senator Bruce Rampelberg. The rest of us are unrepresented, except, on occasion, by accident.

All of these legislators support the Second Amendment, which is okay by me. All of them are okay with denying Second Amendment rights to me, which is not okay by me. All of them say that women do not have the right to determine the course of events inside their own bodies (to the extent that is possible), which is not okay by me.

None of them would deny the right of a man to remove any group of cells within his body, even if it resulted in the man's death.

All would deny the obvious, that a government powerful enough to deny a woman the right to terminate a pregnancy is powerful enough to force her to terminate a pregnancy. In other words, they trip over their  individual sovereignty arguments, which are at the base of Republican "philosophy."

All have also denied the obvious, that cannabis has therapeutic value.

My entire purpose in posting this is to state that democracy often fails, especially when lies are promoted as truth by governmental action.

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