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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Jesus wept. Wouldn't you?

Mike Huckabee reportedly posted a comment on one of his social media accounts: "Jesus wept."

Apparently, Huckabee's observation of Jesus' sobs was subsequent to the SCOTUS ruling that anyone who wants to contract to "marriage" may do so legally.

Many homosexuals wept. Here's Jesus, a good-lookin' guy who reputedly never got laid. He hung out with a bunch of "disciples" who didn't seem to date women much either. I don't recall Jesus saying much about the Defense of Marriage Act, although I did see Him chewing the insides of His Cheeks as He continued to defend Bill Clinton after that fat fuck signed DOMA.

I don't know if Jesus was queer. (I don't even know if Jesus was.) I don't care, but if I did, I might lean that direction based on the evidence.

People may make contracts with other people. Except when the contracts in question annoy some people. That's the message, isn't it?

Jesus wept. Really? About what?

Jesus, if we are to adhere to His reputed Connection to God, was aware that there were at least 2000 upcoming years during which around 1,000,000,000 people would be clubbed, stabbed, burned, shot, starved, and worked to death In His Name. The only reason the number is so small is that there just weren't more sinners available, and the smart ones headed for high altitudes in Idaho, with plenty of guns and ammo.

So while dealing with that shit going on since before Jesus even existed, and given that it looks like there's little deceleration in the incidence of someone killing someone else while doing the Lord's work, we are supposed to believe that Jesus is weeping over the legalization of behavior for which there was never an argument justifying criminalization.

Mike Huckabee, comedian. Faux Republican. Glib, ignorant nutcase. Jesus said nothing about buttfucking or mutual fingerfucking, or cocksucking, or box munching. Jesus didn't say anything about the more prevalent acts of sexual gratification, either. So why the fuck would Jesus weep?

Over The State's recognition of a contract between two people pledging cooperation and certain financial mergings, along with the implication that these people will share a house and, quite probably, a bedroom and bathroom?

Yeah. Right. Jesus loses sleep over the possibility that two people of the same sex would want The State to recognize their mutual pledges of devotion, cooperation, and co-investment.

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