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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Set 'em loose.

In December of 2000 a sick twisted fuck named George W. Bush was appointed to the most powerful position in the world by the Secretary of State of Florida and a few sick twisted fucks on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Within a few months, in response to a very strange event involving airplanes, Arabs, and controlled demolitions, we were at war with some really sick twisted fucks, expending lives and money down a rat hole the bottom of which we still have not seen.

I was born a few months before we entered a war to prevent the commies from taking South Korea. My concerns in life have been largely defined by the United States' attempt to prevent the dominoes of Asia from falling with their red sides up.

 "W" is only the most visibly sick twisted fuck to have held the international spotlight within my 50-some years of somewhat comprehensible memory. Hundreds of others with the power to take historically-significant political action have earned places on the list beside him.

The "list" is of people who have attained power for the express purpose of granting advantages in the marketplace to folks of their choosing. That doesn't exempt many people who have attained positions of power of any significance.

We have been at war, at multiple wars, for the past 60 years, sometimes by proxy (Stingers to Afghanis), more often lately in person. That could be because fewer folks are willing to commit our fighting for us. It appears that we shall soon be at three or four more wars.

Well, we gotta reduce the world's population somehow, or lots of us will starve, right? War is a pretty efficient way of eliminating significant numbers of breeding-age males. We just added, as official policy, a larger portion of breeding-age females to the front line targets.

There is a finite ability of Earth to support populations, right? We're closer to that limit than we were a while ago, right? Cry havoc! And set loose the dogs of war!

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