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Friday, February 1, 2013

Where is the crime?

SIOUX FALLS, SD, Feb. 1, 2013 -Three men face charges following a prostitution customer sting done by Sioux Falls Police.

Authorities say the men contacted undercover female officers posing as prostitutes by phone and through internet ads.  The men are now charged with hiring for Sexual Activity.

Those arrested Thursday are:  Adam Alrubaie, 52, of Hartford; Daniel Joseph Klecker, 63, of Sioux Falls; and Mitchell Allen Whitefield, 30, of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Police say the operation is part of investigations dealing with prostitution and human trafficking in the Sioux Falls area.

I’d like to see the ads. Not that it makes any difference; they induced someone to call and negotiate a deal for sexual parts to be stimulated some way or another that placed the negotiation stage to be in violation of SD law.

Or so the SFPD claims. We’ll see.

My ad follows: I’ll fuck you for $20. Really. I’m serious. I will. 

Is that solicitation? Wanna come arrest me? I WILL fuck you for $20. Call me!

So the cops place an ad, worded so as to entice some poor bastard who either can’t get laid in a more legally-accepted manner, or for whom part of the deal with sex is (s)he has to feel like (s)he paid for it in order to deal with the guilt.


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