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Friday, January 18, 2013

Adelstein has a good idea. Doesn't go far enough.

Senate Bill 82, introduced yesterday by Stan Adelstein, proposes to make the Secretary of State's election "non-partisan."

Currently, the Sec. of State candidates are chosen in convention by "official" political parties in So. Dak. The current Sec. of State, Jason Gant, was nominated by the Republican Party convention in 2010, which meant that he was a shoo-in. He had never demonstrated any skills at anything except eating too much, a record he has maintained intact to this day.


Adelstein doesn't like Gant, so he filed a proposal to change election law so that one must enter a primary election to get elected to Sec. of State. Adlestein's proposal is that the SoS primary election be conducted on a ballot separate from the other primary ballots, with no mention of the political identification of the candidates. The two candidates on that ballot who receive the highest vote count would go on to the general election, which could (and probably would) result in two "Republicans" (whatever that means?, really) contesting each other in the November election for SoS every four years.

Sounds fine to me. Takes the SoS office out of the hands of the people whose dicks Gant sucked to get nominated. 

Why not remove all references to "party" affiliation from all election ballots. Political parties are nothing more than business and social clubs whose aim is to divert public funds to their members/supporters. Why give them free advertising on political ballots?

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