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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Classic? Seriously?

I like to have a cheap beer or two, or three, poured over a pickle, of an evening. I can appreciate the interesting taste of craft beers, but when you're pouring a beer over a pickle, subtlety is not the object.

Tonight I bought a supply of my favorite pickle-mixing beer, Busch. As I poured I noticed what I can only call pretentious about the can.



"Clean and bright as mountain air?" No Busch drinker on earth would come up with that description.

"Busch Classic?" Meaning, "This is the same cheap swill we've been feeding to wanna-be Budweiser drinkers for years." Classic, eh? Classic pretension to a group who doesn't care.


chad sechsington said...

as a card-carrying beer snob, everything about this post causes me to clutch my head in my hands and whisper, "...why?"

Bob Newland said...

I'm with ya, Chad.

Bob Newland said...