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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Why not Prohibit tight Levis?

Read this, then let us use your name at the bottom.

To the So. Dak. legislature;

SoDakNORML believes that it is arguable that more harm is done every day to South Dakotans by the laws that result in 16 arrests for "marijuana" possession – EVERY DAY! -- than has been done to South Dakotans by cannabis itself since 1889, the year So. Dak. achieved statehood.

Every arrest is attended by summary punishment. An accused person must often pay an exorbitant extortion fee to retrieve his towed vehicle. The accused must often pay a bail bondsman; has his name published in the community newspaper. The accused must worry that The State will "forfeit" (seize) his or her cash, car, children, and house. The accused usually will either pay a defense attorney or use public (your) money to obtain a public defender.

Those convicted of possession, a crime for which no one can find a victim, suffer various additional punishments -- fines, jail time, employment ramifications, property seizures, loss of civil rights, and more. These harms are not caused by cannabis use, but by the laws which attempt (and fail) to Prohibit its use.

Cannabis use is not a good idea for children and adolescents (except for some medical conditions), because its psychotropic and physical effects probably interfere with brain development. Current policy assures access to cannabis by children.

We don't even suggest that cannabis use is a "good idea" for adults (except for an ever-growing known list of adverse medical conditions that are relieved by cannabis), but what we think is a good idea is irrelevant to what happens in the real world. People use cannabis, and the law does not seem to even slow that group down.

The facts are that many, many actions and substances that are legal to perform or possess are documentably more harmful to some doers and users than is cannabis. We list a few: tobacco, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, strawberries, athletic over-training, milk, rodeo, peanuts, rare beef, skiing, overcooked beef, corn syrup, Coca-Cola, french fries, football and tight Levis.

Once more, SoDakNORML implores you to use some of your ability in the legislature to change life for the better for South Dakotans. Repeal cannabis possession laws.

Very sincerely yours,

for SoDakNORML;
Bob Newland, Hermosa, businessman
Jesse Grimm, Hot Springs, combat veteran
Dennis Bridenstine, Lead, paraplegic
E. J. GreyBuffalo, Sisseton, bone disease sufferer
Ken Santema, Aberdeen, veteran, business owner
Kim Miller, Mitchell, concerned citizen
Brian Knutson, Rapid City, businessman
Loy Allen, Hermosa, manufacturer
Bea White, Rapid City, cancer survivor relative
Judy Stromer, Rapid City, cancer survivor relative
Cecilia Gray, Rapid City, cancer survivor
Vincent Stark, Whitewood, concerned citizen
Matt Mogen, Aberdeen, SD Human Services
Shane Garry, Whitewood, concerned citizen
Zane Holcomb, Buffalo, rancher
Maureen Tracy, Aberdeen, criminal justice specialist
Jeremy Briggs, Rapid City, real estate developer
Steve Norquist, Hill City, contractor
Phillip Smith, Huron, journalist
Andrea Stark, Whitewood, mother
Bradley Morgan, Central City, spinal cord injury
Thomas Diggins, Rapid City, PennCo Asst Public Dfndr
Wendy Roth, Black Hawk, concerned citizen
Jeff Hudson, Hot Springs, concerned citizen
Kimberly Landsman, Rapid City, health care professional
Tom Gerber, Sturgis, management consultant
Tim Holmgren, Hot Springs, concerned citizen
Chris Opitz, Rapid City, concerned citizen
Charles Nauman, Volin, filmmaker & author
Sanford Ader, Rapid City, concerned citizen
Liz Holler, Whitewood, concerned citizen
Jerry Bloomer, Hot Springs, concerned citizen
Susanne Bloomer, Hot Springs, concerned citizen


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Add Wayne Gilbert Rapid City

larry kurtz said...

You may add Larry Kurtz, Pena Blanca, New Mexico typing from an undisclosed location in Pennington County, South Dakota.

Bob Newland said...

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