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Monday, September 10, 2012

From time to time...

...something strikes me funny. This would be on the threshold rather than in the center or at the top of my funnybone, but...

I just bought some rechargeable batteries on eBay. When I looked at the receipt on PayPal, I had paid Wei Long Dong.


Bill Dithmer said...

Hi Larry thanks for asking about things on Madville. Yes everyone is doing great. I don't do funerals good at all anymore, I think it is that old religious thing.

What happened today gave me some hope for the future. We had the visitation and had a great time, just what Mom would have wanted. People telling stories about what a rip she was when she was mad and how much fun we had when we were around her. It was more like an Irish wake then a visitation.

And then the best thing happened. Six months ago we had a friend that runs the Long Valley store have a stroke. She wasn't expected to live but did. She wasn't expected to walk again, but does, she wasn't supposed to be able to speak again, but its coming. When she and her husband walked into the church it was just as good as a twenty four hour 420 buzz. I admit that it doesn't take much for me to feel good anymore but sometimes its just worth being there.

Again thanks for asking

The Blindman

larry kurtz said...

Bill: my greatest failing, among a myriad, is first putting the water on to make coffee then looking at RCJ and Argus Leader obits after opening the computer.

All the best to you.