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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A bad break...

On July 4, my daughter was dumped from a horse she was training. She landed on her feet, but shattered her right tibia (shinbone). The doctors said it was broken in seven places. Not long ago, an injury like this would have often resulted in amputation. Dr. Kadrmas in Rapid City performed surgery in mid-July (after allowing the swelling to subside), putting two titanium plates and a bunch of screws in her leg. Prognosis is three months of no weight-bearing, then she can begin to try to walk again.

The front view is first, then a side view. You can also see the staples used to close the surgery incisions. This, friends, is what $130,000 looks like.

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Norm said...

Ouch! I pray the young lady has a full recovery.