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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Hold on a minute while I pick my butt and sniff my fingers.

What you are about to spend 5 minutes watching is not pretty. Rep. Jared Polis, CO, is apparently trying to make a point, although I am not sure what it is, about cannabis. But the utterly incomprehensibly incompetent replies by the tired-eyed droopy-mouthed woman who runs the DEA, Michele Leonhart, make his ineptitude look like genius.

Seriously? 100% of the data support our contention that "drug" prohibition is 100% harmful. There are no benefits unless you think that when I put cockroaches in your house and you have to hire an exterminator, the exterminators benefit.

That seems to be Ms. Leonhart's argument, to the extent she made one. She is appearing in front of a committee of Congress. Congress defers to the FDA which defers to the DEA in "licensing" of stuff we're allowed touch. Jesus F........g Christ!

I just viewed it again. Polis appears more intent on pleasing his Boulder CO constituency than he does in making a coherent point. Our friends are all-too-often not making good arguments. Of course, if you're sitting in Congress, it's hard not to take advantage of opportunities to further one's tenure.

 But it now seems to be a trend. People all over are challenging the very basis of cannabis prohibition (and, by association, at least, 'drug' prohibition in general). People are getting elected in campaigns in which a principal issue was 'drug' prohibition. Michele Leonhart will become a comic figure in history. Polis very well could be, too.

There is only one issue and it is this: Assuming I'm of "the age of reason," (an arbitrary age between about 14 and about 21), then "government" has no legitimate interest in what I shove into me.


Wayne Gilbert said...

She is offensive. On reflection, however, I believe that she fairly articulated the government's position.

Bob Newland said...

I agree, Wayne.

You have inspired me to rename the topic thread.

taco said...

It is subjective as to whether marijuana or heroin is more harmful to a person's health? The unscientific blathering of the DEA continues.

If I were President, first thing I would do is reassign Ms. Leonhart to work at a marijuana dispensary. If she failed to be pleasant and enthusiastic when selling pot, I would have her fired.

People like Ms. Leonhart view the War on Drugs as a needed revenue stream. Even though the War on Drugs is a clear failure, people like her still champion it for $$$. In the interim, americans, especially blacks, are getting sent to prison in unprecedented numbers.

larry kurtz said...

Just a point of clarification: Jared Polis is a CO Congress member and Hilda Solis is Secretary of Labor.

larry kurtz said...

Watch yer eyes

Norm said...

Either myself and a swarm of my friends are exceptions, or I don't understand the meaning of the word "addiction" this fumbling idiot describes. With moderate frequency I injested weed for about 20 years (Never while at work) before the government decided that my job with the airlines mandated drug testing. (Maybe they were afraid we would get the munchies while processing some passenger.) Anyway, I gave it up for about the next 20 years. Other than getting pissed off about it I didn't experience any withdrawal symptoms. This fumbling idiot is either a liar or completely uninformed, or both. It makes one proud that in this land of the free we keep morons like this employed to protect us from ourselves.

D.E. Bishop said...

Just one comment:

That was a truly pitiful committee appearance! (She sounded like Romney.)

larry kurtz said...

Uruguay legalizing: Reuters.

chad sechsington said...

oh my god that was excruciating.

i don't know what was worse--pointless political posturing while grilling a low level DEA administrator, or the circular logic she employed to explain that illegal substances are illegal because the government says they are illegal.

such a wonderfully appropriate title...