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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Terrorism by publicity

Roger Clemmons, after a weeks-long trial with daily news updates, was found not-guilty in about ten minutes by the jury. John Edwards, after a weeks-long trial was also exonerated.

Clemmons was charged with lying to Congress. Strange charge, that, given that Congress lies to us all the time and is praised by about half the press and the electorate for doing so. Edwards was charged with violation of a law that almost no two people interpret the same way.

Federal prosecutors scored big victories in their campaign of whimsical terrorist acts against random folks. If you or I had been charged with any of the "crimes" Clemmons or Edwards was charged with, we'd have had to cop a plea or be convicted, simply because we could not have afforded to defend ourselves with lawyers of the quality Clemmons and Edwards were able to afford.

That is why both cases were victories for the nefarious bastards in the Justice Department. Gel-haired mean-spirited lawyers who care little about justice and a lot about scoring "wins." Even in the two cases mentioned here, they won, because they made Clemmons and Edwards feed the system huge amounts of money.

No wonder people blow shit up.


repete said...

Bullseye Bob... and then next we get the stupid little political minions who try to claim it's all the result of one party's fault.

Douglas said...

Apparently the Justice Dept. spent 3 or 4 years with 44 lawyers trying to get Edwards. Edwards was a jerk, but as some wag said, "It is one thing to throw the book at somebody, but another to ask the jury to write the book."

And now we get Obama legalizing the illegal aliens because there aren't enough lawyers to handle the load.

Congress has investigative powers primarily to gain information for writing legislation. What legislation was ever going to come out of their inquisition on the ballplayer.

I am no fan of illegal drugs for any purpose, but witchhunts using the full power and resources of government to enhance legislator's ego and prejudice are dangers to us all.