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Friday, June 1, 2012

Take the quiz

Here's the world's smallest political quiz.

And here's where I fit in the spectrum based on my answers. Big surprise.

I am for liberty. I am for justice. I am for what works. Liberty, justice, and what works are not criteria by which governments generally choose public policies.

Government, in the sense we usually refer to it (buncha people making laws and hiring folks to enforce them), is not necessary. So I'm an anarchist. I recognize, though, that it is inevitable. Therefore, as a practical matter, I advocate the least possible government, administered as locally as possible. That makes me a minarchist--I believe in the least possible coercion by the State.

Mike Bloomberg wants to make it illegal to serve pop in containers holding more than 16 ounces in New York City. Dick Nixon made it illegal to raise wages or product prices for a few months in the 1970s. Both of these people are (were) fascist morons, and their policies are fascist moronic policies.

They make libertarians necessary.

UPDATE 6/2/12: Below is the result when Larry Kurtz took the quiz. Big surprise. LK thinks that the same people who put people in jail for weed and impose military occupation on half the world and deny gay people civil rights have the sense to manage everyone's money.


larry kurtz said...


Bill F. said...


D.E. Bishop said...

Personal 80
Economic 20

I landed in just about the same place as Larry. The thing about this quiz, as with most, is that is lacks nuance.

Yes, I am a Liberal, and nuance matters.

taco said...

100% libertarian

Bob Newland said...

Fleming, you've moved a little higher on the quadrant since the last time you took the quiz (three or four years ago).

Bob Newland said...

I leave nuance to the politicians, like when John Boehner said that his favorite part of the constitution was the part that said, "We hold these truths to be self-evident...."

Bill F. said...

Bob, the only difference between me and a Libertarian is that I am not an anarchist. But I'm working on it. ;^)

Bill F. said...

If Bob want's to open another thread, I'll challenge absolute libertarianism a little bit, starting with the Second Amendment. My position is, even those who think they are gun rights hardliners are actally pro-gun control.

taco said...

"even those who think they are gun rights hardliners are actually pro-gun control." I would love to see this argument fleshed out.