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Monday, June 4, 2012

Desperation in States Attorney's Race

Wow. In today's mail there arrived a post from Glenn Brenner, with the headline:


The mailer then proceeds to quote the anonymous "Conservative Guy" from the Journal's story here.  Conservative Guy posted twice on the story. His were two of 31 comments on the story, which was about Brenner's eleventh-hour decision to not appear at a debate with his opponent Mark Varago.

Of the comments on the story:
Positive for Mark Vargo: 23
Positive for Glenn Brenner: 8

The day has come when anonymous, baseless posts from a blog are being cited as fact in political messages. One wonders if it was Glenn's personal judgement to allow this mailer to go out. Alas, it did not come from his campaign, but rather from A Better South Dakota PAC. The PAC is owned by one Kati Jenkins, who works for...wait for it...Sen. Stan Adelstein.

I'm not going to repeat Conservative Guy's posts. You can read them at the Journal, or if you live in Pennington County, you'll likely get one in the mail.

The other side of the mailer contains a letter from Dawn Utzman which praises Glenn.

The fact that he couldn't find one or two more people to lend their real name to a mailer probably speaks to why he should be replaced.


Bob Newland said...

Here's the best part of the story: "About a dozen officers showed up at the FOP to hear Vargo and ask questions."

Looks like the RCPD and Sheriff's departments give about as much of a shit as I do which of these two incompetent and inhumanly cruel people gets to put pot smokers in prison.

Wayne Gilbert said...

Could you scan it and post it? If I received the mailer I pitched it without even looking.

Wayne Gilbert said...

I freely, but not without embarassment, admit to being an idiot for not noticing that you had already posted the mailer.

Michael Sanborn said...

Nothing to be embarassed about. I posted in response to your request.

Bob Newland said...

After viewing the card, I was reminded of what a dumb fuck Brenner really is.

Really, Glen? You really want to quote "Conservative Guy?" The grammar and syntax of those paragraphs of praise puts Conservative Guy next door to you in the trailer park. I'd go with the endorsement from Ted Klaudt. At least he lives East River.

larry kurtz said...

Shaw arrested, officer pulls service weapon; case forwarded to the Pennington County State’s Attorney: RCJ.

Wayne Gilbert said...

Quoting "Conservative Guy" in a political ad really illuminates your policy against anonymous posts. What a shame that some idiot who can post under a pseudonym gets touted as an endorser.

Bob Newland said...

Our only policy about anonymous posts is that we ask folks who don't want to give their names to post under a pseudonym other than "Anonymous."

We'll even allow posts from the same person under a variety of pseudonyms, since we have no way of knowing whether that's being done.

I remove all posts from "Grudznick," because (s)he's an asshole.