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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Blogmore posted a topic about a bumper sticker. I responded a topic or two below. Then Madville picked up both balls and ran with them.

On that topic (at Madville), David Newquist from Northern Valley Beacon said, "Fun, if you can ignore the petty meanness. And the fact that political discourse has devolved into bumper sticker snark. And then, let us talk about education."

And the fact that rarely will an incumbent politician talk sense about anything. Bumper sticker snark is about all we have left, anywhere.

I recommend you read Newquist's last four or five posts, if you haven't. That said, I think that just about everything Newquist has posted on his blog is worth reading. The words flow like honeymead out of that pen.


taco said...

Newquist sure can write. I especially liked the entry: Why college degrees aren't worth much anymore

Wayne Gilbert said...

I always run with both balls.