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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Does Newland suck? Let us count...

Occasionally, as happened on the post immediately preceding this one, someone clicks "You Suck." I can only remember one time the total "You Suck" vote exceeded two, which I think is illustrative mainly of the small number of Foruminants.

So, first, I suck because I don't pay enough attention to the attempt to entertain someone besides myself by posting worthwhile stuff often enough to meet the responsibilities of show business. I'm a less-than-stellar blogger. I'm learning to live with it. So if that's what you mean when you click "You Suck," you're right.

I also suck at persuading folks to adopt a semblance of my stance on the proposition that, by natural right (a right natural to everyone conceived, borne and birthed), I own myself and you own yourself. Government has no legitimate interest in criminalizing me or you for behavior that does not threaten another (assuming informed consent). Government, in fact, creates huge problems when it attempts to do so.

If the uncomplimentary vote below is about the content of the Proudhon quote, it would be interesting to know with what the voter takes exception. Why did I say that? No, it wouldn't be interesting. Forget this whole paragraph.

Mike and I assented to the "You Suck" option. Of course, Mike's been letting me take 100% of the "You Suck"s for quite a while. It's not like I couldn't just take the "You Suck" option down. Which I will do the moment the number of "You Suck"s exceeds the "You Rock"s.

I suck at generating enough interest or emotion to get more "You Suck" votes. That's where I really suck.

If you seriously think I suck or that my opinion or style sucks, inasmuch as I understand the word itself, I do suck. But then, so do you. We both manage to get by. Life is consistently and relentlessly unfair.

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