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Monday, April 23, 2012

Is it . . .?

Skirting the east side of Buffalo Wyoming on I-90, approaching from the west, one sees the following...

I generally like public sculpture, and I like this about as well as any I've seen. First, it reflects on the creativity of whomever recommended that it be done, and on the vision of whomever ultimately said, "Do it."

I've seen nothing like it on the Interstate system. The "Enchanted Highway" sculptures in North Dakota are the only remotely comparable sculptures I've seen. The Buffalo median strip exhibition is so understated and nuanced that I doubt anything else I'll see will top it.

You have driven by this and either gave it no thought, or you have been as enchanted as I have been by the simplicity and power of this layout. Even at 50 yards, I kept wanting to think these boulders were something they are not. But then, maybe they are.

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taco said...

Nice, not quite the Cadillac Ranch, but nice.