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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Radio as social conscience

This American Life may be the best radio journalism being done. Despite the program's recent kerfluffle over having aired what appeared to be journalism but was a contrived presentation about Apple's China labor force, I believe Ira Glass strives to present what are, while entertainment with intent to promote a point of view, scenes that cry out for outrage. Justifiable outrage.

I'm posting this is as I listen to this week's program, dealing with fundraising for those who hope to get re-elected to Congress. According to ex-federal legislators quoted, a Member of Congress spends about 2-3 hours a day attempting to raise $10k-$40k a day (depending on factors of the district one represents and whether one is facing serious opposition and whether one has some seniority to bargain with). Jesus Christ!! Then they go over to the Capitol and vote on shit that always costs us money.

I hope you are willing to devote an hour to this. "Take the money and run for office."

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