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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Summer listening

On the road, during periods when I can't listen to NPR news shows, I often listen to books on CD. During my most recent trips, I listened to Lewis Black (I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas), Harry G. Frankfurt (On Bullshit), and William Langewiesche (The Outlaw Sea).

All were entertaining, but The Outlaw Sea is an outstanding book, well researched and well written. The accounts of modern pirate raids and huge disasters at sea are illustrated in word so well that they created movies in my mind.

Lewis Black is my favorite working standup comedian, and I'm Dreaming... does nothing to diminish my enthusiasm for his work.

On Bullshit
is cerebral and full of straight-faced humor, by a man who knows how to use the language.

If any Foruminants want these books, I'll send any of them to you for $2 plus the postage. We can also work out trades for audio books you might have. Write me in the comments (or use my email that you click on in the first sentence about the moderators at right) or call me at 605-255-4032.

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D.E. Bishop said...

Lewis Black is one of my favorites too. It's hard to be funny in the midst of one's outrage, but he pulls it off every time.