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Friday, March 30, 2012

Rare birds and common birds

These pix were shot yesterday (3/29) somewhere between White River (SD) and Hermosa on the 2-lanes that separate the two. I was using a 400mm lens with a doubler (800mm) and a Pentax Km digital camera.

The first bird is a Meadowlark, pairs of which appear to establish ranges on about every 20-30 acres of, well, meadows. They seem to like fences and power lines for perching and proclaiming that they're there. The meadowlark's songs are varied and enjoyable and tend to cut through background noise. They should be the state bird.

The top photo is full-frame, from the road to the fence in distance, maybe 80 feet. The second image is the same image, just cropped down to essentials.

The shots below, I think, are of a Lesser Yellowlegs, a water's-edge forager that summers across the central third (longitudinally) of Canada, according to Audubon. It's possible I have mis-identified the bird. It's also possible that it is a yellowlegs and has either decided to camp in Shannon County or I just caught it on its way north. I hope someone will confirm or deny that it's a Yellowlegs.

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