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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Divvying up the spoils...

The Rapid City Police Department has been awarded $25,000 for a new vehicle to be used in drug investigations, according to a press release from Attorney General Marty Jackley announced Wednesday.

The money was awarded out of the Drug Control Fund.

“The Drug Control Fund was set up for exactly this type of expenditure to assist law enforcement in protecting our communities,” said Jackley in the press release. “This award allows the collaborated effort amongst state and local law enforcement to continue to provide public safety statewide.”

“I am pleased the Attorney General’s Office understands and appreciates the importance of keeping our drug task forces operating smoothly. I very much appreciate the financial award as it will assist our involvement in the task force while easing the burden on Rapid City taxpayers,” said Rapid City Police Department Chief Steve Allender via a press release.

Newland says: About the same time as I saw the rather distressing news above, I was browsing another old magazine...

Ad from LIFE, 11/1/1943


BF said...

What kind of a drug cop car can you get for $25k?

D.E. Bishop said...

That magazine essay was really interesting. How far Roman Catholicism has strayed! Where that archbishop called for loving acceptance and dignity for all human beings -- now the RCC seems focused on who is in and who is it. Judgment, I say! JUDGMENT!!!!

(All said in an intimidating deep male voice.)