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Friday, February 3, 2012

Yep. They put a big dent in illegal drug activity. The Associated Press are morons for printing this sun-curing tripe without question.

From the Rapid City Journal:

LEOLA -- Law-enforcement agents conducting a search warrant at a Leola home found 500 marijuana plants, drug paraphernalia and firearms.

KSFY-TV reports that a 53-year-old man is in custody and expected to be charged with numerous felonies following the Thursday raid.

McPherson County Sheriff Dave Ackerman says the bust was a solid example of cooperative police work. [Some poor schmuck got scared into rolling on his friend/supplier.]

Leola Police Chief John Grabowska agrees. He says the drug bust should have a "significant impact" on the area's illegal drug activity. [Oh, Jesus. Pulleeeze.]

The search involved McPherson County Sheriff's Office, the Leola Police Department and the Brown County Sheriff's Division of Criminal Investigation. [Thus getting every possible law enforcement agency in on the federal sugar for their great work.]

Every toady involved in this chickenshit deal is culpable for a lot of things, none of them positive: the AP, the RCJournal, and all those cops. "Significant impact." That's rich.


TeeBee said...

Go to Google Street View and take a stroll around Leola. It looks like they just shut down the only viable business in town.

larry kurtz said...

Some interesting news from the Jamestown (ND) Sun:

"DICKINSON, N.D. (AP) — A North Dakota jury acquitted one of two Lithuanian men accused of trying to transport nearly 50 pounds of marijuana from Washington state to Chicago two years ago, and the other man voluntarily left the country."

larry kurtz said...

"Media reports that some pot growers will face harsher mandatory-minimum sentences than child rapists under the Conservative government's new crime bill were enough to catch the attention of Prime Minister Stephen Harper."