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Thursday, February 23, 2012

We know he was less than an ideal husband to Kathie Lee, but did he smoke cigs, too?

LOOK, 11/6/1962. I remember seeing Frank Gifford in TV ads saying that he enjoyed Camels in the locker room after a game. I wonder if he actually smoked cigarettes. If he did, he seemed to have a loyalty problem.


Wayne Gilbert said...

I preferred Luckies but would smoke a Camel without rancour, so I don't judge Mr. Gifford if he got paid for proclaiming the quality of both. As you pointed out in another post, in those days they were a good smoke because they were more or less fresh. Nowadays a tobacconist needs a humidor to make them smokable (I assume because I haven't smoked for about 30 years).

Les said...

Oh, those Luckies were so good. To be 15 again with enough imortality to once again enjoy some of those finer things in life.