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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

And now, Sen. Adelstein

Sen. Stan Adelstein, who has long claimed to be a conservative who supports business:

SB 117 is a self-serving bill to require certain heliports be approved by the South Dakota Aeronautics Commission. This bill is designed to help him in his quest to put a tourism helicopter business out of business because the helicopters pass in front of his view of Mount Rushmore from his palatial Black Hills home. The bill was rightfully killed in the Senate Transportation Committee.

SB 118 was a bill to revise the documentation requirements for obtaining a drivers license. This was an attempt to make the rules set forth by the Department of Homeland Security less difficult to comply with. The problem is that it risks highway funding. And it failed in the Senate Transportation Committee.

SB 119 was a bill which was killed in the Senate Health & Human Services Committee, which allowed counties and municipalities to investigate discriminatory practices based on sexual orientation and gender identity, with respect to employment, labor union membership, housing accommodations, property rights, education, public accommodations or public services.

SB 120 was killed in the Senate Taxation Committee. It was designed to temporarily increase the state sales and use tax and to declare an emergency. This was designed to tax tourists and residents for a short period of time to generate money for the Department of Education. Sen. Adelstein and more taxes go hand in hand.

SB 121 would have expanded medicaid eligibility for pregnant women and would have made an appropriation to do it. Died in the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The bill did not identify which pregnant women would qualify...just pregnant women, leaving the door open for wealthy pregnant women. The bill was rightfully killed and yet another Adelstein tax was averted.

SB 173 would have allowed people trained and certified in "medical-aesthetic services" to perform medical aesthetic services like injecting Botox, Collagen and other substances into another human for cosmetic purposes. Today doctors and nurses do that. Under Adelstien's bill an 18-year-old with "good moral character" and a certificate from somewhere would be allowed to do this. Senate Health & Human Services killed the bill, with good reason.

SB 181 is another self-serving bill which failed in the senate 12 to 22. Sen. Adelstein's son is married to an individual who's brother is currently in civil court accused of alienation of affections. The bill would have repealed "certain tort liability arising out of causes of action based on seduction , abduction, and alienation of affections. (Yes, abduction.)

SB 182 is yet another self-serving bill that says tax increments may not be used for the construction of residential structures "except residential structures which are integral to the project. The costs for the residential structures may not exceed twenty-two percent of the total project costs. No tax increments may be used for construction of any residential structures unless the project is located in the downtown district of a municipality with a population of more than 10,000." Hello?! Mr. Adelstein is a well-known developer in town. I wonder how this legislation might benefit some of his or his friend's projects? The bill was tabled in Senate State Affairs Committee on an 8-0 vote.

House bills he sponsored later...On Senate Bills effectiveness, he is 0 for 8.

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