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Sunday, January 22, 2012

They are all idiots...

In 1999, Janklow proposed a bill that would make EVERY "drug" violation a felony. This is an account from a guy who was just a messenger; he had no clue -- he even got the topic wrong.

I opposed the bill and further proposed legalization of cannabis.

Buenger, a whore, represented the "courts," with no understanding of the bill or its ramifications. He simply said, "If we are going to support this bill we need more courtrooms." Poor dumb sonofabitch. Much like the hapless Charlie McGuigan, who pimps for the Attorney General's office in committee hearings.

Buenger was just so happy to be recognized by Janklow that he never gave a thought to the evil that the man attempted to perpetrate. Glad he's in Brussels. Hope he likes the beer.

He had no feeling for the fact that cannabis should not be illegal; he had no feeling for the fact that thousands of lives were being destroyed for no reason.

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larry kurtz said...

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Occupy the courts.