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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Iowa prediction

Iowans are currently in their Caucus meetings prior to casting their votes to set the tone for a dubious field of nominees. Lots of polls out there have recently shown surges from former Sen. Rich Santorum and Texas Congressman Ron Paul. I don't give polls much weight. And as of Saturday, 41 percent of Iowa Republicans had still not decided who they would choose.

Here is my prediction of how our neighbors to the east will place the candidates:

Ron Paul 1st

Mitt Romney 2nd

Newt Gingrich 3rd

Rick Santorum 4th

Rick Perry 5th

John Huntsman 6th

Michele Bachman 7th

Buddy Roemer 8th

Paul cannot come up with enough money to run an effective national campaign. He won't get the financial support he needs. There is no clear path to the presidency for him. He will not win New Hampshire.

Michele Bachman should leave the race. The best political navigator on earth could not find a course for her to ascend to the presidency either.

Roemer should leave the race as well.

Of those in this field, I believe only Huntsman and Gingrich could defeat Obama.

Two minutes before Caucusing begins.

7:08 pm MST: Roemer, Bachman and Huntsman are there in dead last. Huntsman and Roemer did not campaign. Bachman was never credible. Stick a fork in her, she's done... Early returns suggest that I have Santorum in the wrong place at 4th. It's currently a three-way race between Paul, Romney and Santorum with Gingrich and Perry slugging it out for 4th.

Perry will take a dive in North Carolina and New Hampshire and should get out for the good of the party (and America).

Newland adds: Here's how it actually turned out...

1. Tie for Romney and Santorum

2. Ron Paul

Circling the drain: The rest of them.

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