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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Guys (and gals) like this simply don't have the capacity to tell the truth.

On today's All Things Considered, Guy Raz interviewed Tim Goeglein, W's speechwriter who had to quit when he got caught plagiarizing in a column he wrote for his hometown paper.

While he put on a pretty good show of being contrite about that, his whole life has apparently become a campaign to defend the indefensible. From the transcript:

Goeglein himself believes that faith and government go together, and that the relationship transcends party politics.

"I believe that the conservative movement is stronger and more effective than the Republican Party," he says. The two are often conflated, but whether they're in politics or not, conservative thinkers are very influential. And despite the political rancor of the times, he says, they do want to have a conversation.

"They are people who, I think, are first and foremost interested in a civil dialogue," he says. "But I can tell you that they would disagree strongly with their friends on the left."

Goeglein impales himself on his own sycophancy in this interview. He tries soooooo hard to be nice and generous, but a one-eyed man can see that he's an insufferable little prick.


larry kurtz said...

Yo. Good eye. Reminded me to ask who ordered that the towers be blown.


larry kurtz said...

er, good ear....


Bob Ellis said...

This is why I don't even bother trying to be nice to Koolaid-drinking liberals like you. Goeglein is one of the nicest and most kind people any human being will ever come across...and it's completely lost on dark souls like you.

So I just correct your lies and tell you the truth bluntly like Jesus did to the Pharisees, and your own damnation will be on your own head for ignoring it.

Bob Newland said...

And the fact that a bestialitist like Bob Ellis endorses Goeglein makes my point.

Like all the Dubya White House folks, Goeglein would smile and purr while he cut your nuts off and ate them. And say all the while he was doing the lord's bidding.

With folks like Goeglein, one doesn't need to lie, or to say anything, for that matter; his own words and actions impeach him. Just as with Ellis.

larry kurtz said...

Mercer laments Janklow drain-circling.