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Friday, January 20, 2012

Carrying a concealed weapon...

Rep. Don Kopp introduced HB 1015, which would have allowed people to carry a concealed firearm without asking the State if they could do so, and without paying the State for a license to do so. 1015 went down today, because some legislators, too spineless to say they think people should have a license to defend themselves, copped out and said they didn't like some folks who supported the bill.

Nearly as polarizing as the question of abortion, there are really only two positions available on personal ownership of firearms:

1. Anyone not specifically prohibited (by arbitrary prohibition standards set by the State) may possess any firearm.


2. Anyone not specifically authorized to do so (by arbitrary prohibition standards set by the State) may not possess any firearm.
Concealed Carry is an offshoot of the argument. Permits for CC serve no purpose, unless it's part of an illegal effort to catalog gun owners. Those who intend to use a gun illegally don't worry about the permit.

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