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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'd like to like him, but...

There are some things about Obama that are improvements over the Texican huckster that preceded him. Obama has, so far, avoided the constant self-promotion ("Mission Accomplished") that characterized the buckbrush cowboy, and has generally comported himself with considerably more dignity.

These attributes, however, are no substitute for substance, of which Obama has shown little. None I can think of, in fact.

His leadership vis-a-vis immigration has been nonexistent. He's letting bureaucrats run the show and they are proving to be brutish, not hesitating to deport people who really should not be deported and often splitting up families in the process.

And after promising to leave cannabis patients alone if they were complying with state laws, his justice department has unleashed a vicious campaign against those people.

I can read the fear in his eyes as I make this promise. I will not vote for him in 2012. None of the dwarves running for the Republican nomination will get it either.


larry kurtz said...

Patience, my brother. Those dispensaries were violating their states' laws.

Ron Paul will likely not be the GOP nominee so help us re-elect President Obama to a second term. Legalization is on the table.


Bob Newland said...

Bullshit, Larry. The US Attys are trying to seize legal cannabis money to finance their offices in the face of budget cuts.

Never ceases to amaze me how partisans are able to forgive their politicians' heinous sins.

BF said...

Alas, it looks like yet another year coming up when it won't really matter who Bob and I vote for for POTUS.

All signs right now are pointing to Gingrich... yeah, the guy who wants to kill the child labor laws, put all the poor kids to work as janitors, and fire the union guys who have the jobs right now.

Otherwise, he says, the kids will just grow up to be welfare queens, drug dealers, and convicts.

Whatever. As long as he's got an "R" behind his name, it's a pretty sure bet our fellow South Dakotans will vote for him.

repete said...

Bob, that seems to be a fairly typical response... People vote against a candidate more than they vote FOR a different candidate, who could be even worse.
Give me 1 or 2 reasons to fear or not like Candidate A and I won't bother to research anything else. I just know who is NOT going to get my vote... and then I will blindly vote for Candidate B, ignoring the Nazi in the room even.