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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Big Cats on Skyline Drive

Heard a rumor from someone I trust that there have been mountain lion sightings on the west side of Skyline Drive in my neighborhood.

I tried to reach John Canta, the Regional Wildlife Manager for Game Fish and Parks and haven't heard back from him. (In fairness, he hasn't had time to call back).

There are big cats close to town. I'm confident I saw one several years ago as his tail was going over my back fence through the darkness. I'm confident because the dogs were going plumb nuts in the early morning hours when I saw the cat making his escape. Different dogs now, but we've had several nights recently of similar chaos from my own dogs, the two Labs to the north, the Lab to the west and a lab to the east.

Mountain lions are big flashy animals, stunningly beautiful and downright deadly when it comes to your pet.

GF&P has been very good about removing problem cats from inside the city limits. In the meantime, Cat, my Golden Retriever and Maggie, the Lhasa Apso-Shih-tzu mix (yes, it's a LhasaShiht) will be outside only long enough to do their business, lest they become breakfast.


taco said...

They're out there, you can hear them cry at night. They sound just like a baby crying.

Wayne Gilbert said...

Excellent plan for your pets--I wish every one did that.