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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

You can't go wrong giving ceramic

I like to prepare food and cook. I like the elegance of a good knife, the right knife for the task. I've never been very good at sharpening knives, so they have to get pretty dull before my efforts can improve their utility.

Then I bought a ceramic knife. I may never have to sharpen it. So I bought several more, one for each of most types of preparation. You can't imagine how sharp they are, how easily they glide through meat, fruit or vegetables.

If you need a gift idea, buy ceramic knives for people who use knives. They're available in a big variety of styles, from vegetable peelers to paring and steak knives to the preparation types in the picture. Colors range from black or white to charcoal and bright primary colors. Prices start at about $20 for a cook's knife or $35 for a set of four different sizes up to high dollar exquisitely designed tools.


guy outside cafe said...

this is some of the best journalism you have ever done Bob

Bob Newland said...

I thought I'd wait for a comment, then actually post something.

Q said...

I hear they are fragile,have you broken any ?

Bob Newland said...

The biggest danger is probably dropping them on a tile floor. I haven't yet done so. They are supposed to have been tested to survive a two-meter drop test. I'd assume that would be a drop to a hard surface. It is not likely one would survive a drop on its point to tile from 6 feet.