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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nekkid and drunk


ROBERT G. PHILBRICK, being first duly sworn on his oath, deposes and states as follows:

That during the month of February, 1973, William Janklow, now Republican candidate for Attorney General, was driving down a road near or in Fort Thompson. At the time, I was Tribal Chairman of the Fort Thompson Indian Agency. It was my policy to require the Police Department to give me reports on all arrests made.

This affiant was advised that William Janklow had been arrested for Drunk Driving. This affiant states that I further investigated this matter to find out the true facts about this matter.

This affiant was advised that William Janklow was driving all over the road, and was driving mostly on the wrong side of the road, which caused the police officer to stop the car.

This affiant was then advised that William Janklow had started to fight with the police officer, and William Janklow started to swear and cuss the police officer and stated:

"No son of a bitch Indian can arrest me as no S. O. B. has jurisdiction over me".

Further, this affiant was advised that William Jankow did not have his pants on, and in fact, was nude from the waist down. William Janklow, when asked, where his pants, socks, shoes and underwear were, William Janklow did not know.

Further, William Janklow continued to swear and cuss, continued to fight with the officer, and thus, this officer had to call for help, to get Janklow arrested and placed in the drunk section of the Fort Thompson jail.

Further, this affiant states that William Janklow tried to outrun the police car and drove all over the highway in an attempt to evade arrest.

This affiant was further advised that William Janklow was so drunk that it was difficult for Janklow to walk, or in fact even stand up.

The next morning William Janklow was released from the drunk tank, and someone brought down some shoes, socks, underwear and pants, so he could walk out of jail completely dressed.

This affiant agrees to allow this sworn statement to be used for any press release relating to William Janklow and all these facts are true, as this affiant was Tribal Chairman at Fort Thompson when Janklow was arrested for drunk driving, disorderly conduct, assaulting an officer, and indecent exposure.

Dated this 18th day of October, 1974.

Robert G. Philbrick (signature)

Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18th day of October, 1974.

Seal of Christine Lyons, Notary public South Dakota
Signed by Kristine R. Lyons whose commission expired April 23, 1982.


David Newquist said...

I used a link to that affidavit in some observations I made about the coverage of the Janklow announcement. What bothers me is that I could find no disposition of the case, after someone supplied some clothes so he could walk out of the drunk tank unnekkid. Is it that tribal courts have no jurisdiction over drunk-driving wasichus?

Bob Newland said...

That's what I hear, Dave. Apparently, tribal police can't do much to a non-tribal member unless the crime is one of the seven major crimes.