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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Great Pickup Hunting Adventure

I have to poke a little good natured fun at Kevin Woster over at the Journal. In his latest column about a Thanksgiving pheasant hunt, he spins a yarn about hunting with his dog in his Miata. Read it here.

He says he was in the Miata because his "troubled, wounded pickup wouldn't start."

He goes on to tell us that it wouldn't start because of some electrical problem, but tells us that the truck was wounded as a result of an encounter between the truck and the working end of his Ruger Red Label 12 gauge shotgun.

Guns don't kill trucks, Kevin. People do.  Kevin tells the reader that it's a good story he can't tell because his wife won't let him. He does reveal that whatever happened, it cost $1500 to repair. He declares that his friend who "drove from Murdo with a spare key for the truck" agrees that he shouldn't tell us.

The problem, of course, with not telling us what happened, is that we are all inclined to speculate.

Did Kevin lock his keys in the truck and try to pry the door open with his Ruger Red Label 12 gauge shotgun, accidentally firing it in the process and doing $1500 damage to either the gun or the truck or both?

Did Kevin mistake his pickup for a pheasant and shoot it, then realizing his mistake, bend the key off in the door in a fit of anger?

Did he leave the key in the truck door and then shoot the key AND the door?

Speculate away Forumpians! You have all the clues I have. What $1500 calamity do you think happened that would involve a truck, a shotgun, and a new truck key from Murdo? Why does someone in Murdo have a spare key to Kevin's truck?

Maybe we can get Kevin to actually come over here and fill us in.

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