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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Classic car commercial

I am told this only ran once. Best commercial ever!


taco said...

ha, wonder what the back story is?

taco said...

From Youtube: The actor's name is Chick Lambert, who used to host some late night TV in Los Angeles back in the 70's (sometimes from Catalina Island with his dog storm).

This is either a slap or a parody of Ralph Williams' commercials, which invariably began with "I'm Chick Lambert, Sales Manager here at Ralph Williams Ford, and this is my dog, Storm." Storm was a German Shepherd, who was usually lounging on the hood of the first car to be featured in the ad. These commercials were seen on every channel in Los Angeles television through the 1960s and early 1970s.

Ralph Williams was brought up on charges by L.A. County for some alleged shady dealing

Ivo Beutler said...

That dog is totally the star of this classic commercial, hehe. Whether it's a parody or not, I still find it amusing because of the graphic effects... We can say that it's totally from ages ago, yet there is definitely still that appeal to watch it or make such car commercials again. :D