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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The question of longer terms

A lot of folks are talking about longer terms for the mayor and council. I'm good with that, and while I was once in favor of three-year terms, I've been convinced four is better. Swell. The Chamber of Commerce says we should have longer terms. The Council recently voted to pursue longer terms via ordinance.

The mayor has vowed to veto that ordinance. And, he's correct in doing so. He may not have the votes on the council to override and the council may have their way in the end without a consultation with the voters.

Mayor Sam Kooiker supports the idea of longer terms for mayor and council. But, he correctly believes that the issue should be decided by a measure initiated by the citizens, not by a vote of the council.

Nobody's term on the council will be lengthened because of the change. Everyone will have to run again at the conclusion of their existing terms, which are two-year terms.

The Chamber seems to be taking the lead on this issue and I think it would be a good idea for someone there to get the ball rolling on getting the necessary signatures on a petition to put the matter to a vote.

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taco said...

I don't like all of this direct democracy business. Direct democracy leads to tyranny.