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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Back atcha, Mr. President

At "Mt. Blogmore," Kevin Woster is all apologetic for North Carolinians so crass they would flip the bird at the president's caravan as it drives past on the street.

During his campaign for the presidency, Mr. Obama promised to stop prosecuting people for violating federal “marijuana” laws if they were acting legally under the laws of the state in which they lived.

Several months ago Attorney General Eric Holder seemed to be moving to act on that promise, sending a letter to U.S. Attorneys in several states, saying “it’s not a good use of scarce resources to prosecute people acting legally under state law.”

Since then, U.S. Attorneys in California have announced that they will begin stealing (they call it “civil forfeiture” of property that commits a crime but has no defense because it’s a building) the property of people who rent to people acting legally under state law. Banks in Colorado and California have begun refusing to accept the banking business of people operating legally under state law. The IRS has begun denying normal legitimate business deductions to people operating legally under state law. The BATF has moved to deny legal gun ownership to people acting legally under state laws.

I suppose that technically one could say Obama is not violating his promise. The result, however, will be that profits to illegal cannabis sales executives will increase; taxes that were being paid will not be paid, more people who are suddenly stripped of their right to bear arms will do so anyway (causing more danger to everyone, but especially to cops), and people doing cannabis business legally will be forced to have great amounts of cash on hand (tempting to thieves).

Graphically illustrated, the Obama medical cannabis policy looks like a great big mockingbird thrust toward the sick, disabled and dying people who are so impertinent as to choose a non-governmentally-approved course of therapy for their conditions.

Knowing all this, I find the North Carolina digits a little less than shocking. Those birds only registered disaffection. Obama’s impolite gesture is resulting in real–and cruelly unnecessary–damage to tens of thousands of lives of otherwise peaceful, honest people.

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