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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Want a dog?

Molly is about 10 months old. She's been spayed and inoculated for rabies and kennel cough and parvo. She's free to a good home.

She's a delightful, playful, intelligent corgi/border collie mix. But she loves to visit the neighbors. We live in a neighborhood of five-acre tracts, with neighbors every quarter-mile all around. The neighbors all keep their dogs at home, and let us know they think we should, too.

I think that a ranch is her place. She's young enough to still be trainable, and I think she'd respond to someone who knows how to train a cowdog or sheepdog. She's small (16 lb) but really energetic. I am sure that she would not roam from home if she were somewhere with neighbors farther apart than here.

We like her a lot, and don't want to make her spend the outdoors part of her life on a cable.

In the pictures, I've just retrieved her from the neighbor just down the hill. She's pouting and wet from running through underbrush in the rain.

Call Bob or Loy at 605-255-4032 or email.

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taco said...

Good looking dog.