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Friday, April 22, 2011

Punk gets punked

The South Dakota Supreme Court ruled this week to discipline a Hot Springs lawmaker with public censure for violating the rules of professional conduct for lawyers. (See rest of story in Rapid City Journal.)

Perhaps the voters of District 30 will see fit to fire Lance "Punk" Russell next year, if he runs for re-election. However, District 30 voters are not noted for their wise choices (Gordon Pederson, Gordon Howie).

Once, when the punk made a comment on Mt. Blogmore, a subsequent commenter described him as "snake-handler mean." I thought that pretty well summed it up.


larry kurtz said...

Can you run?

Bob Newland said...

If you're asking if I can run for office in District 30, yes.

If you're asking if I can run fast enough to escape being beat up by the punk, probably not, but I think I can put up a better fight than his wife.

larry kurtz said...

Are you considering a run for the punk's seat? What can i do to help other than stfu?


Bob Newland said...

I could be elected to the South Dakota legislature from District 30 with the aid of about $50,000.

That's how you could help.

Bob Newland said...

But then, if I had $50k, why would I want to waste it running for a job that pays $8k a year?

larry kurtz said...

Is that what it would take to convince you to run as a Democrat?

Bob Newland said...

It would take $250k for a Democrat in District 30 to even be visible in a contest for the statehouse.

It would be wiser to run as a Republican with the intent to introduce non-Republican issues, like justice, for example, once one got elected.

I could live more easily with the label of "RINO" than I could with "DINO."


Duffer said...

Loathe to convey pessimism - but I'd wager no amount of money would elect a Democrat from this District. None. Nada.

34 years observing these folks and I haven't seen an iota of contribution from the elected lot that could be defined for the good of the general public. Low Ag property tax assessments and governmental control of a woman's body pretty much sum up the mantra.

Russell will likely run unopposed - or be narrowly defeated in the primary by a select glossy-eyed zombie.

larry kurtz said...

You're selling yourself short, Newland; your name recognition could take you far. Announce an exploration and see what happens. Get your Facebook friends to pony up.

Our Party would love to have you.

larry kurtz said...

Unless you stop me i am going to put up a post about this exploration.


Bob Newland said...

With encouragement like Duffer's, how could one turn down the offer?

Yes, Larry, my name recognition will take me far. The direction, however, is uncertain.

Post away. When the commitments reach $50k, I'll launch an exploratory commission.

Under no circumstance would I run as a Democrat. Given what the Democrats have done since Obama was elected, I can't understand why you would even suggest that.

The Obama administration has given the Democratic Party a bad name (a little sarcasm there, heh, heh).

Bill Fleming said...

Bob, I would love to see you run as a Republican in a primary against Lance Russell. It would be wonderful. You would get free press galore. This could be your shout, dood. Go for it!