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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Pigeonhole this.

One of the things that Kevin Woster said in his remarks to the Wing Nuts was (I paraphrase from a poor memory), “Liberals, Conservatives, Democrats, Republicans; they’re all the same people; they all look alike to me.”

I’m sure there was more to that, and I might be entirely misquoting him, but I think that’s what he said, and it’s believable to me.

The characterizations “liberal,” conservative,” “Republican” and “Democrat” may have some value to somebody, but they are really not that helpful in identifying allies and opponents of a particular issue.


larry kurtz said...

i'll just get deleted responding to kristi the dipshit at the war toilet. Since KW has actual integrity the labels are ridiculous.

taco said...

A true libertarian / socialsist/ populist is predictible. Very few strictly adhere to a political philosophy, unfortunately.

DDC said...

R's and D's are mostly predictable too, you just can't listen to what they say.

larry kurtz said...

The third way has to grow from the roots, Derek. SD ain't that place.

DDC said...

And what would that "third way" be?