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Friday, April 29, 2011

The fruits of the struggle...

In 1992, I ran for the US House of Representatives against Tim Johnson and John Timmer (bet you don't remember him). The image below is a fair summation of the results of that race.

Aside from that, I feel the '92 campaign was a success.

Statehouse from District 30?


larry kurtz said...

Reading through Fleming's FB wall brings some similarity to the Trump anti-phenomenon. Is that a fair comparison to the District 30 race? Btw, Bill, your rapport with the redstaters is hugely courageous.

I deactivated my account when Republicans friended me because I realized in the words of a favorite angry Montana blogger: "I'm not ready to make nice."

Donald said...

Sure do remember Timmer. I didn't agree with him much, but he sure was right about term limits.

Duffer said...

. . . and what was Timmer's position regarding term limits?

With regard to the SD legislature, one could argue the quality of our representation has dropped off - to say the least. Chief executive has become more powerful too. In Rounds case - it led to arrogance.

That's always nice.

I used to be for them . . any more, not so sure.