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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

There you have it.

Governor Daugaard today signed into law a lengthy and largely unintelligible addition to the state’s statutes. Prior to discussing the law, it’s necessary to understand that the citizens of South Dakota have been systematically coerced into having cancer treatments involving lots of expensive machinery and drugs.

Rep. Roger Hunt, prime sponsor of the “Wake Up and Smell the Weed Act (WUSWA),” said that the bill was designed “to protect people at their most vulnerable moments from the money-grubbing and shameless exploitation performed by the radiology technology companies and the pharmaceutical corporations."

MUSWA provides that prior to beginning the corporate moneygrubbing cancer treatment a patient must wait six months after his initial consultation with a corporate moneygrubbing lackey of a doctor, and must undergo frequent consultation with an expert advocate for alternative cancer treatment. Bob Newland is such an expert, the bill says.

A corporate moneygrubbing lackey of an oncologist was willing to go on the record and say, “Well, there you have it.”

The ACLU has indicated that it would sue to have the law thrown into the trash by the Supreme Court. In response, Rep. Hunt said, "Well, there you have it."

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